Union Bindings / Cobra Dogs Limited Edition Collaboration Written by Mike.S on October 18th, 2012

If you have ever visited Mt. Hood’s Government Camp you are more than likely to know of Cobra Dogs, the delicious weenies that fuel High Cascade Snowboard Camp counselors, kids and travelers alike. Their presence emits a positive energy that wafts like the smell of their delectable dogs

… and if you have been snowboarding for any amount of time you are sure to be aware of Union Bindings. Their binders hold in place significant riders such as Travis Rice, Brian Iguchi and Danny Kass, not to mention Scotty Stevens, GiGi Ruf and Brandon Cocard… the list goes on. You can’t handle a team of riders that stacked without any knowledge of how to make great bindings.

Well, the world works in strange ways and most would come to think that a collaboration that fuses hot dog vending and snowboard bindings together would be stretching the elastic waistband of marketing strategy to the point that it would rip away from the fabric that binds us. But in the snowboarding community this Cobra Dogs and Union Bindings collaboration represents something that goes beyond brand recognition, it represents an ever expanding culture that looks after its own. That’s enough from me though, I’ll spare you the sentimental drivel and let the video speak for itself.

Oh, one more thing, this is a limited edition collaboration that will only be available in select shops… like ours. So stop by US Outdoor and pick up a pair before they are gone. It won’t take long.

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