Jeremy Jones Higher
Suburu Presents: Jeremy Jones’ Higher – A TGR Film Written by Mike.S on September 12th, 2014

On September the 19th, at the Aladdin Theater in Portland, the third installment of the Deeper, Further, Higher trilogy will debut. Prepare to have your sensory receptors pummeled.

Jeremy Jones’ ‘Higher’ is a TGR film that takes you into the heart of Jeremy Jones and why it is he does what he does; from his childhood stomping grounds to his family life and on to hairball descents of the gnarliest lines in the remote regions of the Himalayas and AK, that will make you look at life a bit differently. But then again, that’s the point Jeremy Jones would like to make in theses films. He wants to be an example of how one can live a full life by challenging the limits and toeing the line with death. He is a pioneer; a Proenneke, who seeks out the wilderness and lives for it and in it, not against it. His model for life is not hard to buy into, but you have to have some grit and some moxie to accomplish the task.

Below is the trailer for ‘Higher.’ Get stoked and go see the film at the Aladdin Theater, Friday, September 19 – Doors at 7:00, Show at 8:00. You won’t be disappointed. Tickets available in-store at US Outdoor.

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