Spark R&D Launches the Burner Splitboard Binding for 2011/2012 Written by Chelsea on September 1st, 2011

Spark R&D Burner Binding

Spark R&D is proud to announce the newest addition to the family; the BURNER splitboard binding was designed for the rider who wants to point it. Increased support both torsionally and laterally creates a stiffer ride in all snow conditions and will allow even the largest of riders to edge with confidence.

“Splitboarding has grown so quickly in the last couple of years that the pool of people riding the backcountry has become more and more diverse,” says Will Ritter, Spark R&D owner and chief engineer. “Riders have different shred styles, terrain preferences, and ride different areas of the world. The snow in Utah is different from the snow in New Zealand. We had feedback from people who were in love with the Blaze, and others wanting something stiffer.”

… thus the BURNER splitboard binding was born…

The Burner is the big brother to the Blaze. The difference is in the ankle strap and highback. They stiffened them up for extra support on the descent. “If you want to ride through tight trees and ride with a bit more freestyle influence, you’ll probably prefer the Blaze,” says Will, “But if you’re straight lining from the top to bottom, railing through chundery hardpack, or could be described as a Clydesdale you’ll probably want to be on the Burner this season.”

If you’re looking for a stiff, responsive splitboard binding the Burner is your perfect pick for the 2011/2012 season. Check out the binding that received a 2012 Editor’s Choice Award by Backcountry Magazine and was named a Platinum Pick by Snowboard Magazine for Excellence in Design. The Burner will be available soon at US OUTDOOR.

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