Radventure Part 5: Wydaho
Radventure Part 5: Wydaho Written by Alex Thornburg on March 2nd, 2015

This last week wasn’t quite as exciting as some of the others of my journey, but it had its moments. Besides being reminded that there are still bars in existence that allow smoking indoors, and that great breweries (Grand Teton Brewing) can still come out of places where Coors is the beer of choice amongst the masses, there wasn’t much new to talk about. With no new snow in the area during the week I spent some time in the LDS dominated Idaho Falls, ID, whilst working on procuring a ride to either Montana or Colorado. Oh and I decided to poach a few holes of golf while I was at it (a sport I never thought I would play). A small storm came through later in the week, and I was able to get back out to Grand Targhee for some mostly bluebird shredding over the weekend.

If you’re looking for a more “mom and pop” experience in the “Wydaho” area, go to Targhee. If you’re looking for a more corporate vibe and lift tickets at nearly twice the price, go to Jackson Hole. Grand Targhee not only has one “Mardi Gras” tree littered with ladies’ undergarments and beads, but several. Also, if you make your way towards the north boundary line, you may come across their Ski Patrol tree, a tree in the middle of the woods with chairs, skis, and a variety of other “donations” hanging from it. Charm? Check! I didn’t spend enough time at Targhee to completely fall in love with it, but I did spend enough time there to find the super plush secret bathroom at the resort. It’s not as important as a hidden powder stash, but I still chalk it up as a win.

Powder Day

Speaking of powder, I decided to take a little hike up Mary’s on Sunday. The locals at Grand Targhee like to get after it when there’s powder, so it doesn’t always last, but Mary’s is a good powder stash if you’re willing to hike. I’ve never been afraid of a hike for some powder, and I’m rarely disappointed with the fruits of my labor. Sunday was no exception, and while there were plenty of tracks leading down from the hike, I found some fresh lines through the trees and succeeded in scaring the indigenous birds with my horrendous bird calls and school girl like laughter. During a subsequent park lap, I found about 6 people racing down a groomer in full penguin slide (if you don’t know what that is, imagine a scorpion sliding down a hill on its stomach). There was also a telemark competition going on over the weekend at Grand Targhee, and if watching guys drop gnarly cliffs on tele skis is your thing, there was plenty of that too.

Mary's Hike Break

With the mentality of this trip being sleep where I can, shred where I can, and get rides where I can, I’ve been making plenty of last minute decisions on where I go next. Last week, I turned down a ride to Big Sky when the email I got merely said “bi male headed to Big Sky.” It’s 2015, and it’s a beautiful time where “alternative” sexual orientations are generally accepted, which is great, but I can’t help but be a little weary of someone who feels the need to include that information when emailing about a carpool. Maybe he thought he was emailing a post from “casual encounters,” but in any event, I decided to pass on whatever kind of ride he was looking to offer. My luck turned and I caught the right kind of craigslist ride to Big Sky today. Stay tuned for more next week!

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