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Nike Lunarendor QS Snowboard Boots Written by Mike.S on December 20th, 2013

The Ewoks of the Forest Moon of Endor were storm tripping after they received a shipment of Nike Lunarendor QS Snowboard Boots by mistake. Not knowing the boots origin or purpose, the Ewoks did what was natural to them and used them as drums in a ceremonial ode to their ancestors. Duh. Soon after, the snow fell on Endor for the first time, EVER! The Ewoks flipped. Little did they know, through their sweet, impromptu, ceremonial dance grooves, the Ewoks of Endor had stumbled upon an ancient snow dance performed by a completely different species of beings that live Light-years across the Galaxy, known as ‘Humans.’

The dance looked something like this:
Ewok Snow Dance

After that, the snow fell with a fervor, blanketing the Forest Moon floor. The Ewoks, safe in the tree forts, watched as their imperial Storm Trooper foes, froze in their temperate suits. It was a sign; the boots had brought great fortune and glory to the Ewoks. After further investigation, the elder of the tribe recognized that these remarkable boots took the shape of their feet and placed his fury little toes inside the boots removable liners with Strobel heat reflective technology. Instantly, the elder put two and two together: the boots, the snow. They were connected. The Elder was pleased to find that the Lunarlon midsoles were more comfortable than the touch of an Endor Fern in the mid summer sun and the tribe elder urged the rest of the Ewok tribe to join him in tromping around the now frozen, forest floor.

One by one the Ewoks descended from their peaceful tree forts into the deep snow below. Snowballs were tossed, yellow snow was eaten, and one Ewok (known throughout the tribe as the ‘Day Tripper’) erected a life-size sculpture of an elephant riding a tricycle (neither of which exist on Endor). It was as if the Ewoks had somehow tapped the human astral plane via the new-found Nike snowboard boots. It was all too natural to them. In a fit of curiosity, Wicket, the most outspoken and outgoing of the tribe, hopped on a giant forest leaf and went sliding down a hill. The look on his furry face was priceless: jubilation, terror and excitement, all wrapped into one. The rest of the Ewoks quickly followed suit and before long they were slashing turns and jibbing on frozen Storm Troopers. Ewoks on the Twok, you know? And they lived happily ever after… until the Empire struck back and the Ewoks had to wait for the Jedi to return. But we already know how that panned out.

With all that being said, nobody can be sure just how the Lunarendor QS Boots ended up on Endor, and we can not be sure that the boots were shipped there by “mistake.” but there are two certainties: 1) There are large holes in this story and it lacks character development and has no real ending. 2) The Nike Lunarendor QS Snowboard Boots are rad. Their all-mountain freestyle design is a derivative of Lunarlon cushioning, removable liners with Strobel heat reflective technology and canted, Lunarlon midsoles.

Nike Lunarendor QS Snowboard Boots

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    Way too funny,,,, nice one!

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