MTN Approach Skis & Backpack For Backcountry Snowboarding Written by Mike.S on February 4th, 2013

As splitboarding gains steam, the powder dreams of every freeriding fanatic become reality. But there are some riders who refuse to relinquish their powder boards for a ski/snowboard combination. This is understandable given the infancy of splitboarding, although splitboard manufacturers have honed the craft in a relatively short amount of time. In any case, those who look to the backcountry for snowy solitude and fresh lines need only look in the direction of MTN Approach and their packable Backcountry Approach Skis.

Packable, you say? Yes, the MTN Approach Backcountry Skis are designed with a patent pending locking cam hinge that requires no special tools or expert knowledge to use, and they fold into a backpack constructed specifically for the skis. If that isn’t functional, I don’t know what is. Though they are only 148mm in length, they share the same blueprint of most AT skis but are much lighter and easier to manage. From the Poplar and Paulownia wood blend core and on through the cap construction, camber, sidecut and permanently attached nylon skins, these sled dogs act as powder hounds that help deliver you to and through the snow white backcountry gates. Oh, they are also designed with an Early Rise tip to maximize float! Furthermore, seeing their lightweight aluminum bindings with wide, heavy duty polyurethane straps in action I am reminded of a cross between snowshoes and snowboard bindings. They are highly functional and provide plenty of support and control thanks to a patent pending collapsible heel loop design that engages when you strap in. It really doesn’t get much easier. Watch videos and learn more about the MTN Approach Skis here.

Though the whole trip would be all for not if you didn’t have a pack that carries the MTN Approach Skis. Take a gander at the video below and you will understand how the pack is just as functional as the skis it carries.

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