Jeremy Jones – Further, Absinthe Films Sphere of Influence Tour Written by Mike.S on September 13th, 2012

Jeremy Jones’ Further

Teton Gravity Research (TGR) along with Oneill and Jeremy Jones & Co. have kicked off the premiere season right! And if the world premiere of Jeremy Jones’ Further is any indication of where the bar is set than the Portland premiere should be a blast. Though the Portland premiere will likely be absent of the skydiving servicemen that dropped into Squaw Valley, the Bagdad Theater in Portland, Oregon should be packed to the gills with pros, props and swag for the patrons. Oh, and the movie will be fun to watch too. Have you seen the trailer? It puts that funny feeling in your stomach, you know, that feeling of excitement that gets you up and out of bed before dawn and up to the hill for first chair and fresh tracks? That feeling. Though the film will most likely drive you mad because it hasn’t snowed yet and you won’t be able to purge that feeling from your body until late November. But for now you should sit back and enjoy the premiere of Jeremy Jones’ ‘Further’ Saturday, September 15th at the Bagdad Theater.

Absinthe Films Sphere of Influence Tour

Absinthe Films returns to Portland on their Sphere Of Influence Tour. Posting up at Hollywood Theater this Friday (tomorrow) at 7:30. This is not just any premiere; the folks of Absinthe Films have teamed up with Snowrider; a local nonprofit who’s goal is to help curb climate change through educating communities of green initiatives. The knowledge to be gained and the fun to be had are well worth the $10 ticket. AVAILABLE AT US OUTDOOR! So if you’re still looking to catch a great snowboarding film and get wise on actions you can take to slow the affects of climate change and keep the snow on the mountain tops, stop on by and pick up a ticket.

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