F*ck it! Premier this Saturday! Written by Snowboarding on October 13th, 2010

Forum Snowboards, Pabts Blue Ribbon and The U.S. Outdoor Store are premiering Forum’s new video F- it for free this Saturday. It takes place at the On Air warehouse, with a ramp you can skate with signed waiver. 100 plus cases of Pabst will be available for 2 dollars each or 2 for 3 dollars.  In addition to all the before-mentioned raddness, choice Forum riders Peter Line, Stevie Bell, Jake Welch, Austin Sweetin and Cameron Pierce will be tossin’ out product to music chosen by our live DJ ISM (only at the 21+ showing).  F*ck It! will play for all ages at 7pm and 21 and over at 9. The warehouse is at 1300 N River St. Portland, OR, see you there!

My friend Tony made a video at the ware house last year for a class, it’s pretty fun and can give you a lay of the land. enjoy

Warehouse montage

Montage Project from Tony Iorio.


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