Drizzle: A Temple Cummins Video Written by Mike.S on December 1st, 2012

Drizzle catalogs the 2011-12 adventures of Temple Cummins, a man that has made a name for himself in the snowboard world. He’s a damn legend, folks!!! Backed by GNU, this powder rambler wrangles lines throughout the pacific northwest. Dancing to the tune of The Lonesome Billies ‘Useless Bay’, the title track off their debut album, Temple Cummins paints a beautiful picture of the Northwest backcountry. Enjoy! The exploits of Temple Cummins is enough to inspire any young buck to explore.

Check out The Lonesome Billies ‘Useless Bay’ EP here!

SPOILER ALERT! One of The Lonesome Billies is a writer here at US Outdoor, in fact, he might actually be the one writing this sentence…

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