Capita Snowboards New Team Rider: Kazu Kokubo Written by Mike.S on January 5th, 2013

Capita Snowboards would like to introduce their newest team rider: Kazu Kokubo! Yes, Kazu Kokubo. Let it sink in. Kazu is like a Warp Whistle in Super Mario Brothers; he will take Capita to new levels. But that’s not to say Capita didn’t have an amazing team to begin with, Kazu just fits right in with the Defenders Of Awesome, and being barred from the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympic Games for not adhering to the “dress code” adds to his lore. He also left Burton, which is interesting news in itself. Many are asking, why? But it doesn’t really matter, Kazu is a Defender Of Awesome now, and much like The Avengers or The League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen (and Women), this Capita Snowboarding team is looking to solidify their super status. Check out “The Outsiders” edit, it’s an amazing introduction for Kazu that is topped with cherries from the Captia Team.

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