Burton Winter Storm Warning @ US Outdoor Store! Written by Snowboarding on August 5th, 2011

It’s finally August. The Sun is out, sunburns are finally starting to turn into tans, and you wake up every morning with your covers kicked off and smelling like last nights BBQ. However, despite your summer skin, there’s something building deep inside… It grows bigger everyday… and is slowly starting to consume your mind… and that is… SNOWBOARD SEASON!

We’re just a mere 3 months away from rail slides and powder turns, and Burton Snowboards is teaming up with US Outdoor and other retailers to bring us the WINTER STORM WARNING!!!

Like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate factory, Burton is keeping their stellar Winter 11/12 line a secret until¬† Saturday, August 13th, when it will be unveiled to the public in a way that only Burton can… and that is throwing one big party! US Outdoor Store has been chosen to be the only “Party Bunker” in town, which means for you looking to seek shelter from the storm an event that will include the following:

  • A BBQ, Drinks (yes, there will be adult beverages!), and some other “special treats” (We’re not allowed to say, but it’s going to be cool)
  • Packed to the brim goodie bags for the first 13 people to purchase a Burton Product


  • Hidden inside the store will be ONE and only one “Platinum Ticket”, which whoever is lucky enough to find it will win $1000 worth of Burton Product!

Hopefully at this point you’re marking your calenders,¬† putting a reminder in your phone, or maybe just camping out in front of the store until next weekend! It’s guaranteed to be an amazingly fun summer (sprinkled with the thoughts of winter) day!

To keep up to date on the “Winter Storm Warning”, or if you’re not in Oregon but want to find a Party Bunker near you check out Burton’s website: www.burton.com. You can also go to: www.localsnowboarding.com which gives you a map of your area and participating Burton dealers!

And if you’re going to try and make you’re way down here this next weekend here are the details:

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