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‘Boarders Without Borders’ A Film To Broaden Horizons Written by Mike.S on April 12th, 2012

For those who struggle to find the relevance of snowsports at a time when tensions are peaking around the globe, please keep your eyes peeled for ‘Boarders Without Borders’, a full-length documentary featuring Hannah Teter and Gabi Viteri that is set in the landscapes of Iran.

After reading the Transworld Business interview with ‘Boarders’ executive producer, Nick Catania, my hopes for this film’s success have been set upon high standards. With so much media cascading in Iran’s direction via the US, Iran and the United States have still managed to grant clearance for this film to begin. Though filming won’t be captured until 2013, the embedded culture that has seeded itself in snowsports is beginning to branch out and explore new theoretical “territory” and I’m on board.

Read Transworld Business’ interview with Nick Catania at: Transworld Business Blog.

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