Arbor Snowboards: Sustainable, Real Wood Topsheets Written by Mike.S on April 11th, 2013

For over a decade The Arbor Collective, proud makers of snowboards and skateboards, have taken considerable pride in their sustainable business practices and by extension their real wood snowboard topsheets: The Power Ply. They are lighter and they are stronger. Furthermore, the process in which Arbor Snowboards create their Real Wood topsheets “…allows Arbor to reduce our reliance on chemically treated fiberglass and petroleum-based resin by up to 20%” while enhancing performance and providing the rider with a look that is as timeless as it is progressive. It is no surprise that the snow, skate and surf industries leave a large carbon footprint, but Arbor is a company that is cognitive of this fact (as are a growing number of manufacturers) and thus makes it their responsibility to reduce that carbon footprint from that of Big Foot to a more manageable adult human being. Real Wood. Real Talk. Pioneering consistent sustainable practices will prove essential to preserving the longevity of our beloved pastimes. The video below gives you a glimpes into what goes into making the Arbor Snowboards Real Wood Topsheets.

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