Jones Hovercraft Splitboard
2014 Jones Hovercraft Splitboard Written by Mike.S on February 12th, 2014

Why not trust a splitboard designed by one of the most iconic backcountry snowboarders of all time? WWJD (what would Jeremy do)? The Jones Hovercraft Splitboard opens up the door to the backcountry like the pearly gates open into Heaven. Lets face it, the backcountry IS Heaven. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

The 2014 Hovercraft Splitboard from Jones Snowboards delivers key features that maximize both areas of touring and snowboarding. A mellow Magne-traction and Karakoram clips are features that put the Hovercaraft at the head of the class.

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  1. John King says:

    What is the point of a splitboard? I guess it’s easier to transport around. Is there any other advantage to a split board?

  2. Mike.S says:

    Hey John, thanks for the question. The obvious point is that splitboards provide snowboarders with backcountry touring capabilities, which is far more efficient than hiking and far more affordable than buying or renting snowmobiles to find fresh, untouched backcountry lines. Do splitboards have drawbacks? Yes, but the evolution of the splitboard has come a long way in squashing whatever drawbacks there are: faster transitioning from touring to riding and a more solid connection when riding, to name the most important improvements. Of course, all this hinges on what kind of rider you are and what you look for in terms of snowboarding. If you like to lap the park and pipe all day, or stay in bounds on the groomers and hit a few powder stashes off piste, of course you won’t find any need for a splitboard. But for those who want to get away from crazy lift lines and explore new territory and so on, splitboarding is a viable option and a great way to experience the sport beyond the orange ropes, slow zones and lodge life. Hope that answers your question, John. Or maybe you were just being rhetorical, haha. BTW, I love baseball. Huge fan. Played for a long while.

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