2013 Best Snowboards Written by Jennifer Frost on November 5th, 2012

While others are still enjoying the dwindling heat of fall, you have other priorities. The maturing tradition of anticipating the release of winter’s newest snowboards is timeless among snowboarders. As the fresh models roll off the line and swoop into shops, knowing which snowboard to get your hands on can be a bit overwhelming. That is why we have taken the liberty of identifying this year’s best snowboards. Read up on the low down for what you can call 2013’s Prime Nine.

Burton Custom Flying V SnowboardWhy not kick things off with a classic? The Burton Custom Flying V has become a benchmark that other snowboards can only dream of living up to. Terrain type does not matter as this slick stick has an answer to any and everything on the mountain. Technological evolutions known as the Squeezebox and Lightning Bolts electrify your ride. Amped up and ready to take it all on with a cunning aggression, the Burton Custom Flying V returns for another victory lap. Viva La Burton!


That fella Travis Rice knows a thing or two about snowboarding. It would only make sense Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro Snowboardthat his Lib Tech Travis Rice Pro snowboard would also be well versed in launching an assault all over the hill. From the powder packed backcountry to the gnarliest set-ups in the park, it’s easy to see how this all-mountain quiver killer makes the list for one of the best snowboards in 2013, this snowboard is primed to conduct some serious business. Equipped with the renowned C2 Power Banana/Camber Combo Tech, intense Magne-Traction, and an explosive H-Pop Core, Travis Rice’s Pro model from Lib Tech feasts on features of all shapes, sizes, and flavors.

If you are in search of an all-terrain vehicle that has more versatility than a Swiss Army knife with a fold out light saber, look no further than the limited edition Slash ATV-HUB by Gigi Ruf. A progressive shape and rockered design let you push your ride game to unfathomable boundaries. Never have to distinguish between a park or powder day again with the all mountain freestyle skills engrained in the ATV-HUB.

Gnu Park Pickle SnowboardThere are no secrets when it comes to the intended use of the Gnu Park Pickle. Crafted to lay waste to any and everything in the park, this asymmetric freestyle twin banana mashes rails, jibs, boxes, barrels, jumps, and pipes of all shapes and sizes. The reverse camber and Magne-Traction let you venture outside the park too, so you can seek and destroy natural features on the regular. Unparalleled freestyle performance is fresh out of the jar with this season’s Park Pickle.

With the mountain as your infinite canvas, grab the brush known as the K2 Parkstar and K2 Parkstar Snowboardpaint a masterpiece. Loaded up with a Tweakend baseline for enhanced stability and pressing powers, this jib rocker has been built for any snowboarder who calls the park home, but envisions the entire bump as their playground. Get creative and put your best on display with the K2 Parkstar.


Capita Indoor Survival FK SnowboardThe Indoor Survival FK has become a popular pick for anyone who rides Capita and is in the business of converting others. It’s really hard not to like a deck that’s durable, responsive, and able to excel anywhere you put it to the test. This season, the Indoor Survival FK continues its evolution and features a shape that is flat between the bindings, but kicks up at the ends so you won’t get any catchy hang ups. Made with an eco friendly sustainable core and empowered with rods to increase pop, this freestyle board doesn’t know how to quit.

Sure, it has won some awards, but the Ride Machete is still out to win your heart. Hop on Ride Machete Snowboardthis sweet blade and track straight thanks to the flat shape through the feet, but feel free to get playful with the LowRize rocker shape out towards the nose and tail. Pop Rods deliver an extra boost while the crazy durable Cleave Edge lets you knock this board around a fair bit. The aggressive, fun, surfy twin known as the Machete was built by Ride to last.


The Basic from Yes is everything you need in an all mountain snowboard with nothing unnecessary cramping your style. A true twin set up and a centered stance team with the Camrock design to equip you perfectly for an all out assault anywhere on the mountain. The soft to mid flex flows well across varied terrain so no matter what sort of obstacles come your way, all you have to do is say Yes to The Basic.

Jones Snowboards Flagship SnowboardDestined to make some noise this winter, Jones Snowboards is unleashing a slew of sticks that promise to redefine epic. Drawing balance between power and agility, the Flagship thirsts for endless big mountain freeriding. In fact, this board is unfamiliar with limits as it embraces both high speeds and deep snow so you can charge hard and leave nothing left to be desired. This deck is also available in a splitboard version for both men and women. It’s called the Solution, and it’s just that when it comes to backcountry dominance. Jeremy Jones is obviously legendary. So are his snowboards.

It’s clear there will be no shortage of loaded boards to choose from this season. The only sad part is that there is assuredly not going to be enough days of winter. Embrace all 89 of them and happy shredding everyone!

By Jennifer Frost

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