The Sh– We Say Written by Mike.S on May 24th, 2012

If you live in the 21st century odds are that you have seen at least one online video dedicated to The Sh– People Say, but just in case you have been hiding in a cave with no internet access for the past year or so I would like to share a few of said videos. They directly pertain to the lifestyles we live here at US Outdoor.. which in turn also includes you to a certain extent (unless you have no interest in the outdoors and are just wasting time arbitrarily looking through random blogs, in that case you need to go outside).

Sh– Surfers Say

I would have to say this video is summed up in 3 seconds 0:47-0:50. Also, I would like to dedicate 0:27 to the board shop hear at US Outdoor. Willie, Paul, where you at?

Sh– Rock Climbers Say

“… This route is SAND BAGGED!”

Sh– Snowboarders Say

Toe straps not included.

Sh– Skiers Say

If this latest craze has taught me anything it is that we all must take ourselves a little less seriously. These videos are exaggerated, but not far fetched as I have heard these phrases fly from all of our mouths. So sit back and listen and enjoy the harmless razzing facilitated by the online age of information. Who knows, you might just learn something.

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