The Full Circle Project: A “Growing” Trend Written by Mike.S on March 15th, 2012

It is easy to imagine professional athletes enjoying the spoils of their fame in ways that seem selfish and arrogant. Some don’t make it hard at all to imagine. But the Full Circle Project paints a different picture for athletes that spend their professional lives seeking snow. These professional skiers have begun to bring balance to the surrounding environments that their powder driven exploits benefit from every year. In association with Marker, Volkl, Bolle and DNA, professional skiers Taylor Fenton, Matt Philippi along with Caleb Braley the FCP Service Project Director set off to Maras, Peru “… we were there to plant an apple tree orchard as part of a sustainable agriculture project.” In many ways, the travel habits of professional skiers, snowboarders, and mountaineers have given them a direct route to the far reaches of the world that may benefit from a little helping hand. What better way to take pride in a landscape that gives professionals the opportunity to live a dream than to give back to the community that lives within that landscape? Professionals take note!


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