Socialism(s) Found Atop Heavenly Mountain? Written by Mike.S on March 10th, 2012

According to Transworld Business, recent figures show that Heavenly Mountain Resort in Lake Tahoe is the most liked Ski Resort on the social media giant, Facebook, checking in at a whopping 117,120 thumbs-up, with Mammoth and Vail tailing closely (all topping out in 6-figures). However trivial that information may seem to some, it matters a great deal when considering that those numbers, in any case, are figures that represent a loyal fan base AND are a valuable insider tool that gathers info as to what people may or may not be looking for in a resort. Consider these words: “Our approach to social media and the content we provide through it has evolved over the last year, and the drastic increase of our Facebook fans has really proven that approach is effective,” said Pete Sonntag, Heavenly’s general manager.

No matter who you are, what you do, or how much you like or dislike the social media sphere, you can not escape its existence, it plays a roll in your life no matter what. It promotes conversation, evokes positive and negative emotions, is an outlet for self expression as well as a tool to exploit self expression, turns introverts into virtual extroverts, generates revenue, necessitates our given right to assemble, and so on. It is a hyper-link hive of human culture that spans the globe and that is accessed every day by millions and millions of people. So here’s to you Heavenly Mountain Resort, although I will stick with my home town hill (Mt. Hood) as my favorite, I applaud your efforts that have made you the most popular resort to date.

Heavenly Mountain Ski Resort Trail Map

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