Sarajevo: A Landscape Lost in Translation Written by Mike.S on April 4th, 2012

Sarajevo has seen its fair share of hard times; rocked by the Bosnian War and political conflict that has left a literal and figurative mark on the leading social and economic center of Bosnia. But this short film sponsored by Atomic Skis, +Battery Energy Drink and featuring freeskiers Matti Raty, Riku Laakso and Oskari Raitanen help to cast new light on the war torn landscape that has been lost in political translation.

Beyond the bullet holes and archived CNN coverage, the snow-capped city of Sarajevo gives rise to some very creative eccentricities as freeskiers explore the peaks and city streets of this somewhat forgotten land; the ins and outs of which will surprise you. It is certainly not Lake Tahoe and it’s sure isn’t Aspen, but watch this video and tell me you wouldn’t be stoked to share in this adventure… ENJOY!

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