Wendy Fisher Big Mountain Skier
Salomon Freeski TV Episode 9: Wendy Fisher – Supermom Written by Mike.S on February 21st, 2014

Watching episode 9 of Salomon Freeski TV, featuring: Wendy Fisher, made me reconsider the way I look at athletes who are assumed to be “passed their prime.” It is certainly intriguing, the perception of athletes being old at the age of 41, but even at that age, Wendy Fisher, still rips harder than most skiers in their 20’s (as seen in the video below). But how? It goes against everything we see in the media. She’s a veteran, no doubt about it. She has lived an adventurous life on piste. She has won countless awards in her legendary career, and serves as an inspiration to female athletes all over the globe. She has also struggled to find solace in the industry she dominated for so long. So why not call it quits? She is 41. Old.

I think all those things as the video plays out, and I begin to realize something: it’s me. My perception of athletes is skewed. And maybe it’s just me? But when I look back on it, I have no real clue who Wendy Fisher is as an individual or how she views herself or what it takes to train for the Olympics and to compete day in and day out, and what toll that might take on an athlete over the course of a career. All I have to go on is what I have seen up to this point, and that point brings me to this realization: I am younger than Wendy Fisher. That is scientific fact, but even with that in my corner, at her current age of 41, she is far more of an athlete than I have ever come close to being. It isn’t even close, and yet I’m the one labeling her as ‘Old.’ With that said, the only reason I put her and I in the same sentence is because I am the one who casting my perception. If not for that, the comparison of Wendy Fisher to myself, would be ludicrous.

With all of that now on the table, please enjoy this episode of Salomon Freeski TV. It might not have the same affect on you that it did on me, but it is a brief look into the life of an individual, who is an athlete, who is a wife, a SUPERMOM, and still strong competitor… at the age of 41.

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