Red Bull Cold Rush 2012: Reinventing the Game Written by Mike.S on March 13th, 2012

Red Bull has done its best to bring freeskiing center stage with competitions like the Red Bull Cold Rush. Big mountain is one thing, park is another, but Red Bull looks to put the skiing world under the freeskiing microscope. The spawn of big mountain and freestyle has risen to the forefront with its radical blend of the two. On one hand you have Dr. Jekyl and the other Mr. Hyde, but you don’t see one or the other, you see them both jockeying for position in one run of the Red Bull Cold Rush. What’s not to love about a competition that splices the DNA of two styles? That question is rhetorical. Why, you ask? Because the Red Bull Cold Rush competition is a spectacle that brings so much more to the table. The talent is higher, the stakes are higher, the elevation is… well the same, but you get the point. Watch the highlights of this years Cold Rush and decide for yourself whether or not you can ever go back…

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