Proper Nomad Culture
Proper Nomenclature for a Proper Nomad Culture Written by Mike.S on May 16th, 2012

Don’t let the headline fool you, there is nothing proper about our continually evolving snow bound vocabulary. In fact, the vernacular of our bliss driven culture is beyond odd, but you can be sure that the entertainment derived from this ink well of well spoken and scholarly terminology is as vast as the list that precedes it; a list that defines such terms as: Chunder, Custies, and Facebook (my new personal favorite). Check out Powder Magazine’s Jaded Glossary, here.

Now, being that I am certainly a fan of “shralping the niz” (not yet defined in the glossary) and am no stranger to being hit on by abominable “chunder wookies” that frequent my favorite mountain watering holes; I have noticed that while females will descend into our derelict dialect, they do so sparingly, leaving us men to speak a language devoted to mocking our own intellect; though that might sound a bit harsh or overly critical of said terms that could very well fall under the category of “creative.”

Think about it! The origins of English, Chinese, Norwegian, Russian and so forth had to start somewhere, right? Skiers, snowboarders and extreme sports enthusiasts alike have branched out (however inadvertent) and created their own dialect that can only be understood by fellow kooks like you and I. It is quite remarkable in a way; this mash up of terminology spans a wide range of dialects and is discernible throughout our culture. Those who have escaped the clutches of this rather bizarre vocabulary consider themselves lucky, while I now consider myself bi-lingual. Cheers!

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