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Picture Proof Written by Lindsey on July 14th, 2010

I love water sports! Growing up in Alaska, there aren’t many of us who brave the arctic water. However, for my 13th birthday I got a wetsuit with matching life jacket and kneeboard. You couldn’t keep me out of the lake! I soon became the best kneeboard/water-skier around. But remember, there weren’t many kneeboarders around, which means I was just a little better than my sister (in my mind).

All summer long I was on the glassy water of Rainbow Lake turning 360’s on my kneeboard and throwing major spray as I sliced across the wake on my water-ski (or so I thought – keep reading).

Since moving out of  Alaska, away from our lake cabin, I haven’t had much opportunity to water-ski until a few weekends ago. My husband had a work related picnic at a colleague’s lake house. I decided to tag along when I heard another spouse was a professional water-skier and was taking people out on the lake. I was in!

After a wimpy run in an unfamiliar double-boot ski, the Pro praised me saying, “Get that girl on a team!” I was beaming! Hobby resurrected.

Last weekend I borrowed a boat and dragged my family to Wikiup Reservoir for some skiing.

“Ryan,” I demanded, “Bring your camera and take a picture! I’m gonna put it on the blog.”

So he did (take pictures). And I am (posting them) . . . against my will.

“Is that what I really look like?” I moaned.

“Yeah! Can you believe it? You’re really good!” answered my husband cheerfully.

I cringed. This whole time I was picturing my shoulder inches away from the water, spray so big it could hide a small house (or at least flood a beach), clean lines and powerful cuts. After all, didn’t the Pro confirm my awesomeness?

This is what I saw . . .

Step-start from beach. Smiling . . . feeling good . . .


Yipes! Is that my clean, lean cut?

Hey! That’s my good side! Where is the mile-high spray? Shouldn’t my shoulder be skimming the water?


I’m abandoning vanity, taking a dose of humility, and posting these pictures to remind myself why I love country music. Have you ever heard the Toby Keith song, “I wish I didn’t know now what I didn’t know then”? I’m feelin’ ya Toby!

Lesson: Enjoy what you enjoy. Behave as good as you feel. You don’t need picture proof of your awesomeness. Pics can and (often) will be used against you in the court of self-judgment! Unless of course you really are that good! However awesome or not (or just  hilarious), I’d love to see pictures of you doing your thing. Just take a deep breath and post a comment! I promise I won’t laugh at you heckle you online.

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