On the Snow App: A New Source for Your Snow Report Written by katie on January 7th, 2012


On the Snow is one of the top snow reporting apps for smartphones on the market today. The company is constantly improving it’s App and website to deliver it’s customers the most up to date mountain conditions via real time feedback from users. Check out the following update from the company about what they are doing to better improve the experience of their app and the future of On the Snow:

Broomfield, Colo. – Jan. 3, 2012 – The growth of mobile usage is already the most exciting tech story for 2012 and OnTheSnow’s blockbuster SKI & SNOW REPORT app <http://www.onthesnow.com>, with over 1.3 million total downloads, is at the cutting edge of that trend.

The SKI & SNOW REPORT app, available on both iPhone and Android, has added more than 350,000 users this season and over 170,000 users in the last two weeks. In addition, overall mobile traffic, including both the app and mobile traffic to OnTheSnow, is up 45 percent over last year.

“It’s like the mid-1990s with the exciting rapid growth of the web all over again,” says Chad Dyer, OnTheSnow’s Global Managing Director. “The way skiers and snowboarders consume information is shifting, and the growth of our mobile app is a game-changer for our entire business.”

Not only is mobile the obvious medium for consuming snow reports, but the SKI & SNOW REPORT’s Twitter-like reporting feature allows users to post their own first-hand snow reports and photos from the slopes. “It’s really exciting to see how engaged the app users are,” says Dyer. “One-third of our community uses the app four or more times a week, and 850,000 people, or two-thirds of our community, checks reports at least twice a week.”

“Our community is creating fresh information all day, every day,” says Patrick Crawford, Content Director for OnTheSnow. “We’re averaging over 1,500 first-hand snow reports a day, and the apps have the critical mass necessary to be the first viable tool for crowd-sourced snow reports. The app blends the vital information of snow reporting with the timeliness and authenticity of social, crowd-sourced media. The user community is an unprecedented information gathering tool and fact-checking source for our traditional snow reports.”

Interested in more information on the app, or just want to check out on the snow? Take a look at their website at www.onthesnow.com

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