Mt. Hood Meadows Spring Brew Fest – Taste The Breweries Best Written by Mike.S on March 22nd, 2012

Mt. Hood Meadows Spring Brew Fest
Thirsty? “Hop” in the car and head to Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort Saturday, March 24th from Noon to 6pm for their Spring Brew Fest! Ring in a new spring season with fresh turns and the frothy goodness provided by Larurelwood, Full Sail Brewery, Double Mountain Brewery, Red Hook, Widmer Brothers Brewing, Everybody’s Brewing and Kona. Though I think it would be wise to do as the commercials say and “DRINK RESPONSIBLY!” Don’t partake without designating a sober driver! Once that is nailed down feel free to burn the candle at both ends (it’s always fun to see the look of envy and jealousy as your driver longs for the beer they cannot have). However cruel that sounds there are ways to determine who drives. For example: the Coin Toss (my personal favorite in the decision making process), Drawing straws, 50 yard dash (just came up with that one), the “six saltines in 60 seconds” game… the list is endless, get creative, cheat if you have to but keep that to yourself. To the victor go the spoils; frothy, hearty, delectable spoils that get you as drunk as a poet on pay day. Cheers!

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