Flyin’ Ryan Hawks: A Foundation Of Core Values Written by Mike.S on March 22nd, 2012

Non-profit Flyin Ryan Hawks Foundation

Breaking through to the world of skiing and snowboarding is no easy task for those who are less privileged financially. Though that doesn’t mean their outdoor interests are over looked or less deserving. Ryan Hawks felt this way; his approach to skiing and his dedication to the outdoor lifestyle served multiple purposes beyond fresh powder turns, setting in motion principals that help young minds in all aspects of life. In the wake of his untimely passing, Ryan’s family set forth to preserve his spirit with the founding of the non-profit Flyin’ Ryan Hawks Foundation, where the core values he set for himself would be passed on to young, under privileged yet dedicated and adventurers. Filed away on Ryan’s computer and found by his father after his death, those values read: “Live every day, all day / Never Stop exploring life / Never lose my adventuresome attitude / Be the best brother, son, uncle I can / Look out for others / Look out for myself / Look out for our surroundings / Be self-sufficient / Don’t be afraid to ask for help / Work hard / Live easy / Live simply.”

In retrospect, these are expectations and principals that we as human beings should all embrace to the fullest, for we tend to pack too heavy a burden on our shoulders and lose focus of what makes us happy. But not to get too side tracked. The Flyin’ Ryan Hawks Foundation offers scholarships to the dedicated youth that are otherwise shut out financially from a world that would greatly benefit from their presence. Now that might sound as if they are gifted recipients, and perhaps they are; to give the gift of opportunity to young spirits that will make the most of their outdoor expectations will have a great impact on snowsports in the future. This is no new concept in the world of charity, but one can admire the outreach efforts lead by the Flyin’ Ryan Hawks Foundation to bring those less fortunate closer to the snow-capped landscapes they have seen from so far away.


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