2015 Bent Chetler Atomic Skis
2015 Bent Chetler Atomic Skis – Sneak Peak Written by Mike.S on January 17th, 2014

In 1945, the atomic bomb had thrown into question the morality of man and the inconceivable notion of a nuclear war that would bring “Dooms Day” upon us all. Heavy. Fast forward a few years to 2015, and we glance upon an Atomic product designed not for the mass destruction of mankind, but the figurative mass destruction of backcountry terrain with no adverse affect on the world at large. That product is none other than the 2015 Atomic Bent Chetler Skis.

In its sixth year, the Bent Chetler Project enriches its innards by adding HRZN tech to increase the tip and tail flotation by 10% all while keeping the swing weight down. But what does this mean? Far from being a double rainbow but just as magical, these new adjustments allow the ski to plane more efficiently and spin more easily. A freeskiing powder-hound’s dream! The 2015 Bent Chetler Skis playfully pummel powder conditions like a school yard bully mashing through stolen peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. The new HRZN tech tip and tail will blast through the crud better than ever with far less deflection, making for a smooth ride in all conditions. Fantastic.

2015 Atomic Bent Chetler Ski

Watch the evolution of the Atomic Bent Chetler Skis in the video below, and you will soon understand how this ski has upped the ante. But remember, this is just a sneak peak. So you will have to wait a year to experience it.

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