Salomon City Trail Days Written by Mike.S on April 29th, 2014

Salomon City Trail Days

Salomon City Trail Days, an event that involves running and drinking, kicked off Wednesday, April 16th, here at U.S. Outdoor, and will be hosted again tomorrow, April 30th. The event – which is to be held every other Wednesday – is designed to showcase new Salomon Running Shoes and get runners of all skill sets acquainted with Portland running routes and historical landmarks. Each run is capped off with victory beers provided by Salomon. The whole event costs you nothing but a healthy, accelerated heartbeat and a fine beer buzz.

For those of you who might be on the fence, know this: each run sets forth at a mellow pace with rests at every mile of the 3 mile journey. Beginners are encouraged to join! There are a host of Salomon shoes to demo that are available in full size runs. See you out there!

Salomon City Trail Days Run

Salomon City Trail Days

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