Two Dead in Avalanche in Grand Teton National Park Written by Mike.S on March 11th, 2012

Friends, family, and industry icons alike mourn the loss of Steve Romeo and Chris Onufer; two key figures in and around the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, whose lives were tragically cut short by a large avalanche on Ranger Peak in Grand Teton National Park earlier this week. Steve Romeo, publisher of a popular blog, Teton AT, and Chris Onufer, recently named Tram Maintenance Manager at Jackson Hole were found by search and rescue crews on March 8th after being reported missing by Onufer’s father. Search and rescue stated┬áRomeo and Onufer’s transceivers were still transmitting while crews looked for them, which expedited rescue efforts.┬áBoth avid back country skiers and adventurers, you can bet their route was carefully planned out and well equipped. But, however well equipped and experienced one may be, sometimes things go wrong. Living a lifestyle that involves taking huge risks to achieve a grand reward must walk hand-in-hand with the fact that anything can happen and that we can never underestimate mother nature. However, this is no reason to stop pushing forward. These two men dedicated their lives to an ideal that inspires us all to do great things.

Steve_Romeo Publisher of Teton AT Blog

Steve Romeo

Chris Onufer Tram Maintanence Manager Jackson Hole Mountain Resort

Chris Onufer


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