PCT Postponed Written by Lindsey on August 20th, 2010

For those of you following the countdown to my momentous inaugural outting that will induct me into the society of backpackers, my first overnight hike on the storied Pacific Crest Trail, you’ll have to keep counting. Due to a chance of rain and my husband’s nerves, we are postponing the trip one week! Now the plan is to leave earlier afternoon on Friday, August 27 and return early afternoon on Sunday the 29th. 

It is still on the calendar and the supplies list has been made:

Tent: Mountain Hardwear’s Skyledge 2.1, Check!

Sleeping bags: one hand-me-down, one Mountain Hardwear Phantom 15 (awesome bag, I’ve used it before), Check!

Backpacks: one hand-me-down from my dad’s moose hunting days, one Mountain Hardwear Fluid 26 day pack (not a full blown overnight pack but I’ll make it work), Check!

Flashlight, Check!

Headlamp, Check!

Camera, Check!

Extra batteries, Check!

Bedrolls: borrowed from father-in-law, Check!

Menu, Check!

Can opener, Check!

Hand sanitizer: this mom never travels without it, Check!

Sunscreen, Check!

Bug spray, Check!

Baby wipes: another mom must have for hands, faces, spills, armpits, whatever, Check!

Hand towel, Check!

Dish soap: for dishes or body, a great grease cutting soap for B.O. or poison ivy/oak, Check!

Water purification tablets, Check!

Leatherman, Check!

Military cording, Check!

First aid kit, Check!

Lighter, Check!

Hurricane matches, Check!

Compass, Check!

Fire starting nubs, Check!

Water blatter, Check!

Tinfoil and baggies, Check!

Still need:

Detailed map, laminated – we are planning on heading north from Highway 22 in Oregon’s Jefferson Wilderness toward Three Fingered Jack, Minto Pass, Wasco Lake, and Rockpile  Mountain where there are some smaller pools, and back (about 30 miles round-trip).

2 Cups



2 Sporks

Flask (this is my husband’s addition to the list)

Bear Spray/Pistol (again, my husband’s addition, but probably a good idea)

6 Water bottles (I keep losing mine at the gym and need some new one’s anyway)

Hatchet (we just need a new handle for ours after we were trying to throw it tomahawk style at an old tree and busted off the old handle)

I haven’t thought too much about shoes or clothes yet, but I’ll plan that in the next few days, pack our bags and weigh them to see if we need to pare down our gear.

Is there anything I’m forgetting?


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