Like a Cowboy Written by Lindsey on August 2nd, 2011

Sleeping outside with nothing between me and the stars seems so romantic. Something in me wants to pull my hat down over my eyes and sprawl beside a fire in the open air just like a cowboy. Then reality hits by way of sooty, burnt out forests along the PCT, rampant populations of red ants in the high desert, blood thirsty mosquitoes in mossy forests, and spontaneous weather. 

It’s these natural rough edges that made early outdoorsmen more than willing to lug around bulky denim and canvas tents happily  relegating themselves to dank, musty, stuffy tents.  People are still zipping themselves into dark vinyl prisons.

There’s a better way! Move beyond mildew and look for an uncomplicated mesh tent. Not only are they naturally lightweight and less bulky due to etrhreal but durable netting, but they keep you in the open air while providing an efficient barrier  between you and the ground/pests.

Weather? Make sure your tent comes with an all over fly for complete weather proofing like the Corners 3 from Mt. Hardwear. Not only is this tent super simple to set up, but even with the fly on there is good ventilation and light.

Come wind. Come rain. Come hot. Come ants. Comes gnats. This tent help you enjoy the best of nature by unobtrusivley sheilding you from the less desirable parts. 

The only thing on your mind will be the smell of juniper on the breeze, the osprey flying over head, and the view of the sunset bursting from behind the mountains. The ominous hum of hungry mosquitoes? Only pleasant white noise to fall asleep by.

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