Go Hard and Go Home Written by Lindsey on August 30th, 2010

Bucket List: Backpack on the Pacific Crest Trail, CHECK!

We returned home last night safe and sound . . . and sore. So you can call off Search and Rescue.

For those of you who follow this blog, you know that the initial plan was for a two night, three day trek around Three Fingered Jack. However, ominous clouds forced us home a little early since we didn’t prepare for the dark clouds that were headed our way on Day 2.

Still, we logged our milage and busted it home on the second day. We went hard and went home with blisters, band-aids, and smiles.

Things I learned:

1. My eyes are bigger than my stomach.

I packed way too much food. Thank goodness my tent made up for it. This thing is lighter than a feather! Mountain Hardwear Skyledge: If you don’t have one, get one! This tent is amazingly light, airy, waterproof, and easy to pack. LOVE IT!

2. Dangerous shortcuts usually aren’t worth it.

This is a leason I seem to have to learn over and over. But with a sprained wrist, chewed up hand, and torn up elbow, I’ve decided to stick to switchbacks from now on.

3. If John Wayne can do it, so can my husband.

I was worried about his choice of Levi’s. Turns out they were just fine. It was the trashed running shoes I should have been worried about. Ryan’s blister count totals out at 6. Ouch.

4. Butane is the way to go.

I felt pretty smart jerry-rigging a tin can and sterno stove. Great for warming up canned chicken. Useless for boiling water. Thank goodness we had purification tablets. Still, I’m going to make sure I have a butane hiking stove for next time.

4. Quick drying, well ventalated shoes means you pick-up a little dirt along the way!

5. Plan for rain.

Even if the weather report calls for sunny skies, rain can happen, especially in the mountains where weather is created! We brought rain jackets but no covers for our packs. Lack of planning effectively cut out day 3 and we busted back to the trailhead barely missing a major down-pour.

6. The more things I cross off my Bucket List, the more things I add. I already have my next Backpacking trip planned.

First lookout. First rest.

Three Fingered Jack

Three Fingered Jack – backside

Mt. Jefferson

Wasco Lake below Three Fingered Jack

What are some of the things you’ve learned in the outdoors?


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  1. Rachel says:

    I’m loving your posts! The outdoors has taught me that I’m stronger than I think I am. It’s also taught me that I’m not invincible. It’s taught me respect. It’s taught me perspective. It’s taught me independence. I just can’t get enough of hiking and backpacking and agree…the more you cross off the list, the bigger the list gets!

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