Behind Shellberg Falls
Favorite Forgotten Falls Written by Lindsey on July 12th, 2010

I’ve treaded up many popular day hikes. The views are usually just as stunning as their reputation. The trails are well marked and maintained. Terrain descriptions are often accurate. Port-a-potties convenient.


But the People! Argh!


The muddy trails going off into the woods right next to “Stay on the Trail” signs. Granola bar wrappers. Noise. Trampled wildflowers. Dog poo! It’s more than I can stand.


So when my trail book describes a hike as “over-grown” or “lesser know,” I am all over it!


Waterfalls are the big thing in our area. Everybody and their dog flock to Silver Falls State Park. Yes, the falls are beautiful. But when I’m in the woods, I want to hear the woods. . . not some stressed out parent yelling, “Back up! You’re too close to the edge!” Or worse, telling me MY kids are too close to the edge.


Recently, we discovered the forgotten stepsister to Silver Falls. Yes, we had to hike through a cow pasture, up forest service roads, and off on a side-trail. But we found it. And we didn’t have to feel guilty about pee-ing in the woods since there was no stinky old port-a-potty in sight!


The falls may have been smaller, but it has become my new favorite. And no, I’m not telling you where it is! Unless you ask. I just can’t say no!


Lesser know? A bit smaller? Limited views? Over grown? Go for it. It just might become your new fav!


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