Carry-ee to Carrier Written by Lindsey on July 8th, 2011

Lake Paulina Little Crater Trail. Zero elevation gain = Perfect for kids

Backpacks come with straps and snaps and weight distribution systems for ergonomical conformity.

Kids do not.

Especially those heavy half-toddler-half-kid types that are used to being toted around until they want their independence to explore. Then they squirm suddenly. Up and down. Up and down. There’s only so much a back can take! It’s enough to make you surrender to static home status and hunker down ’til the phase passes (knock on wood).

Beach exploration at Crane Prairie Reservoir

Or . . .

Transform your Carry-ee into a Carrier! Embrace your kiddo’s independent side and lighten your load with a backpack. That simple? Yes!

Little Life Toddler Animal Daysack

I started last year with the Little Life Toddler Animal Daysack, which encouraged him to walk just as far as his little legs would take him.

The North Face Recon Squash

This year, we graduated to The North Face Recon Squash for all three.

Camelback water-bottles, sunscreen, water shoes, Clif bars, fruit leather – everything went into these packs. I left my pack in the car. I had three shrimpy sherpas. Who knew it was that easy! Give ’em a walking stick and the promise of a snack at the end of the trail and these guys could not be stopped.

Best part – once summer is over, these packs will be sturdy, suitable and stylish for school year after year after year.

Features . . .

1. Loop at the top for hanging pack or snatching kids quickly so they don’t go over the cliff.

Stripes the cat particularly loves the big back pocket.

2. Large open pocket on the back for quick retrieval since zipper can be tricky for tots.

3. Chest strap keep the kids comfortable at a variety of sizes, making the Recon Squash equally comfortable for my 3, 5 and 7 year-olds. I can even let the straps out and click at the chest to make it fit me.

4. Inside pockets, zippers, and compartments keep junk organized so it is not only user friendly but more like a real grown-up pack. The kids love this feature.

5. Perfect back pocket for special little friends who still want a view.

6. We even take these packs shopping!

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