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What’s New at US Outdoor: Nixon Headphones Written by Mike.S on May 25th, 2012

New Nixon Headphones

Listen up! Nixon headphones are new here at US Outdoor. Nixon has been an iconic brand for over a decade; counting ever second of their existence through the stylish watches they have created and now it is time for them to turn it up to 11 so-to-speak, get it? All puns aside, the new Nixon headphones reveal a sleek aesthetic that is sure to compliment any watch in their line.

The Apollo Headphone

The Apollo is an over-the-ear sultan of sound that has a progressively simple style yet is aggressively modern. When using the term “simplify to amplify” The Apollo directly relates (literally and figuratively). Dialed in with a 3 button mic designed for the iPod, iPhone and iPad The Apollo provides you with volume control and on-the-go correspondence capabilities. Finished with a 40mm Dynamic Driver, memory foam ear cushions and an adjustable steel headband for comfort and fit, one can rest assured that there will be no SOS call to Mission Control.

The Trooper

The Trooper is “an unstoppable force” according to Nixon, and it marches in with a figure all of its own. It too has an over-the-ear design and is outfitted with a 40mm Dynamic Driver and 3-Button Mic for volume control and conversation, but the real beauty is in its 3-axos adjustability for unlimited range of fit. This headphone design from Nixon will allow you to get physical; laced with sweat-resistant and molded silicone ear cushions The Trooper is a great choice for a hot summer in the city.

The Wire and The Whip round out the collection here at US Outdoor and are sure to make some noise. Take some time to check out the new Nixon Headphones at our website: USOUTDOOR.COM.

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  1. Cool Headphones says:

    It does not have a remote to pause or change the music. But it has a good quality and it is easy to storage.

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