Volcom Pistol Folding BBQ
Volcom Pistol Folding BBQ Grill Set Written by Mike.S on June 13th, 2012

This season, look to the Volcom Pistol Folding BBQ to set the summer tone.

Oh the BBQ! This time honored and spirited summertime ritual is coveted by all Americans, but none so much as the inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest. Here we are just twice removed from the definition of “Troglodyte” as we endure nine months of rain. Sure, our luscious landscapes help ease the grey skies that cover the land in darkness, but you’ll never know true happiness until the sun returns! Ok, that sounded a little melodramatic, but we here in PNW covet the sun that returns like a conquering king every year.

At first glance the Volcom Pistol Folding BBQ resembles more of a tote than a BBQ Grill; it is box-like and tapered, not round like the conventional coal pit and it doesn’t have legs or wheels, but then again, the Pistol grill doesn’t need those things. Its folding design is as brilliant as it is simple and easy to use, and it takes up about as much space as a laptop. It also comes with its own carrying case. Bonus! With a 13”X13” grate for grill space, the Volcom Pistol BBQ gets it done for a gang of four, but it’s so compact that multiple Pistols can be packed, drawn and firing at the same time in larger groups or to facilitate veggies and other fixins. Seriously, this Volcom BBQ Grill is so efficient that you could bring it to other BBQ’s and not have to wait for the grill, if you want to be that guy; there is nothing wrong with being that guy.

When you break it down, the summer is knocking on the door. Heed the call, the king is returning and he wants to party! Show him you got the skill to grill with the new Volcom Pistol Folding BBQ! (Dancing hot dog and beach not included.)

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