Hot Hardwear Written by Lindsey on April 19th, 2011

I’ve always thought it’s important to be hot. Seriously.

I want people to turn their heads when I walk by and exclaim, “That’s one HOT MAMMA!” This is one of the reason US Outdoor Store is near and dear to my heart. Not only do they have HOT gear, but it’s cute too!

Look at this Mountain Hardwear combo and try not to break a sweat! Impossible. The perfect layers for a weekend at the beach. The weather was slated to blow, literally. And boy did it BLOW!

There was too much sand blowing on the beach so we headed higher, to a lighthouse. The wind was even wilder. The kind of wind you have to lean into. The kind of wind that can topple a 3-year-old and pin him to the chain link fence.

The kind of wind that makes you feel like a horrible mother because you went to Goodwill for your kids’ coats instead of springing for one of these . . .

Marmot PreCip Jacket

The North Face Vortex Shell

Redeeming quality: I’m dawning the cutting edge Dry Q Elite technology from Mountain Hardwear. Better than Gortex because it is not only flexible, so I have full movement to wrap my arms around kids (or just throw my hands in the air without the coat riding up), but it’s impossibly soft rather than stiff and slick. At least that was a little comforting to my kid.

I still think he’d prefer a good coat of his own! USO Store . . .here I come. Look out clearance rack!

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