Did you hear? I’m famous! Written by Lindsey on July 9th, 2010

I’m Lindsey . . . Lindsey Evenson . . . You’ve never heard of me? I am semi-famous. But if I must, I will introduce myself . . .

Living in Alaska, North Dakota, and now Oregon, I’ve had the opportunity to camp, hike, ski, bike, and more in some of the most beautiful places in the country. Yes, I include North Dakota – those of you who have been to the Missouri River in Bismarck or the Badlands in western North Dakota know what I’m talking about.

Now, most of my adventures are done with a kid strapped to my back. I’ve got three of them who I’m sure you’ll hear about here and there if you follow this blog.

Right after my third kiddo (Bjorn) was born, I tried out for a cooking competition on The Rachael Ray Show where I appeared on TV (yes, Te-le-vi-sion!) 4 times in 2008. Loving my new found (albeit small amount) of fame, I decided what better way to get another mommy vacation than to become a serial reality show contestant?!

So I tried out for a Northwest reality show, WANTED: Adventure Host, figuring I’d get a chance to have some free adventures and a break from doing dishes and laundry.

After climbing, repelling, navigating, rolling kayaks, mountain biking, jumping off cliffs into freezing cold water, riding horses, shooting guns and more, I placed 4th and was the last woman standing. If you ask me, the network wanted a male host to reach their demographic and knew that if they put me into the finals I would have kicked butt!

Still, I had a blast and don’t regret a thing about it – even missing my oldest daughter’s first day of kindergarten! Does that make me a bad mom? Don’t answer that.

Being a freelance writer and wanting to extend my mostly imagined fame, I began a blog, “FRESH AIR + FRESH FOOD.” Good move Lindsey! That is where USOUTDOOR found me. My prayers have been answered!

Free product testing, a team of experts in my corner to give me fittings and pointers (even though that’s free to anyone who contacts the store), and an extension on my 15 minutes of fame – even if it is all in my head. Perception is our reality right!

Now you know my motivation. Let me lay some responsibility on you . . . follow this blog so I can ride this gig out as long as possible!

Expect stories from my outdoor adventures, pictures, tips, pointers, and posts about whatever I find interesting, and things I think you’ll find interesting! I’ll expect to hear from you too – stories, tips, pointers, feedback, whatever!

I’m excited to get to know you while you get to know me.

Now get up and get out!


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