Back 2 School- Boy’s edition Written by katie on August 22nd, 2011

Back to school. It’s words that every kid loves and despises at the same time. On the one side, it’s the sign of the end of summer, your freedom, and homework (ugh). Then you’ve got the other side, which is getting to see your friends who you haven’t gotten to see all summer, the fact that the start of school also means winter is just a little closer, and of course there’s the new back to school clothes that you get to show off.

Back to school fashion is almost more important than class itself. The first day outfit, the backpack… Those can make or break your school year. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered here at U.S. Outdoor Store. From socks, jackets, and backpacks, we got a killer selection of goods that will keep you looking fresh and fashionable. We’ve compiled a few of our favorites here that we think will get heads turning as you walk into the big front doors on the first day:

The Dakine Burnside Backpack- $55:

I don’t know if we like this bag more because of the name (Burnside is not only one of the busiest streets in our hometown, but also one of the most famous skate parks of all time), or the over all awesomeness of the features and design. This bag is super versatile with the ability to carry all your books and laptop one minute, and then able to transform into a skate bag the next. It has tons of room and comes in two colors: Teal (pictured), and Citron. We also cannot get enough of the retro meets new school design that it’s rocking.

Bonfire NW Hoody- $99.95:

A good flannel is essential in any wardrobe, and the Bonfire NW hoody has got to be the best one out there this fall. Featuring a taffeta lining, full insulation, and hand warmer pockets for those cold days, this is a jacket that can kind of do it all. Layer it with your favorite T-shirt, or take it up to the mountain in the winter and throw it on under your snowboard jacket… It really looks good and keeps you warm anywhere.


Tons of T-Shirts- $9.95- 40:

We have tons of radical graphic T-shirts here at U.S.O. (Pictured is the Airblaster T-rex Tee @$27.95). We’ve got of designs from Billabong, RVCA, Volcom, and even local NW brand Casual industries.  This Airblaster T-shirt pictured just happens to be a favorite, who doesn’t love seeing a T-Rex in throwback shades,  and it’s just a taste of the killer designs we have in stock for you!




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