LOVE POEMS Written by katie on April 30th, 2011

If there is one thing here at USO that we all thoroughly love, it is getting love from our loyal customers and anyone else who appreciates the outdoors like we do. We also thoroughly enjoy giving back to the people that make us the first stop when looking for gear.

This week we were privileged to receive a special piece of mail from a couple of students at the Caitlin Gable School. The 8th graders had been working on writing poetry the past month and a few of them stuck with an outdoor theme, and felt that the USO would appreciate their works. Well, we did and we also thought that our fellow blog readers would enjoy it as well! So below you will find three pretty awesome poems, from three pretty awesome kids! Enjoy!

*For more information on the Catlin Gable School visit there website:


By Max

Poems are like falling snow




None are the same

Drifting quietly

Delicate undiscovered









Waiting for


To be


________________________________________________________________________________________                                                                                                              If I Were A Water Bottle

By Kallista

If I were a water bottle

I would fill myself

With delicious ice cold water everyday

I would fly into your bag

And wait for you all day

Than you would pick me up

For lunch we would go sit together in the cafeteria

You would grab me

You would pull me to your lips and kiss

If I were your water bottle

I would be there

When you needed me most


When it Rains

By Mary

When it rains

And you hear the tap tap

Of the rain drops going pat pat

On the roof tops

Like lemon drops

And you feel as though the world is at peace

Like when you cuddle up by the fire in you r favorite fleece

When it rains

It feels like Hawaiian rain

Warm and fast like a train

It feels as though you couldn’t be happier

And if you could, you would keep that feeling forever





When it rains

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