Mt. Hood Meadows Brew Fest – December 8th! Written by Mike.S on December 6th, 2012

Come all ye’ faithful friends of the froth to the Mt. Hood Meadows Brewfest Presented by The Oregonian and 105.9 The Brew! On the 8th of December, from 12 to 6pm, the finest microbrews from Widmer, Kona, Redhook, Full Sail, Double Mountain, Everybody’s Brewery and Laurelwood Brewery will be on tap. Seeing as the Mayan Calender predicts the end of time on the 22nd, you won’t want to miss out! These brews promise to please the palette with potent blends of flavor while giving you a little extra courage on the slopes.

A little moral reminder: Don’t forget to designate a driver! There are several ways you can determine who will and who won’t drink: cash in an old dept, favor, or just roshambo with your best friends; odd man out has to drive. You can even challenge someone to a good ol’ foot race. Whatever it is you decide on, getting to and from the Mt. Hood Meadows Brew Fest SAFELY is the most important thing.


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