K2UESDAYS: A Videovember Written by Mike.S on November 5th, 2012

November is a month recognized for two things: Thanksgiving and Black Friday. These two events happen on consecutive days leaving the rest of the month to the birds who have flown south for the winter. The leaves have fallen, the skies have darkened and there isn’t much to do before the ski lifts open up. But K2 has devised a plan that will lesson the sorrow of our mundane autumn existence: K2USEDAYS!

Hosted at Clinton Street Theater every Tuesday (6th, 13th, and 20th) of this month, K2UESDAYS will fill our hearts with snowboard films! Two every Tuesday to be exact; two films created by our favorite production companies that feature our favorite riders. The stoked flame of our hearts will shred light all over the grey days of autumn and deliver us from shredevil oppression. Ok, I might have taken that last sentence a little too far with my poetic licence, but at least K2 has given us reason to leave the house before Thanksgiving, right? That question is rhetorical of course. Come hang out with us and watch movies, eat popcorn, drink stuff and get inspired for the coming season!

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