Chill Foundation Presents: Bar Nights At Beulahland Written by Mike.S on January 12th, 2013

Although Beulahland is a 21 and over establishment, the Chill Foundation aims to raise money FOR THE KIDS via Bar Nights; a series of events held on each Monday for the entire month of January. These events include: Bingo and trivia and a culminating DJ & Raffle event on the 28th. Who doesn’t love bingo and trivia, especially when there are adult beverages involved? Wait, there is more… Not only will you be drinking and having fun while showing your closest friends and rival tables that you know more than them, at the end of the night Beulahland will be donating 10% of bar tabs to the foundation! Scholars and intellectuals refer to that as a “win-win” scenario. So come hang out with friends and the folks of Chill Foundation as they raise money to “provide opportunities for at-risk and underserved youth to build self-esteem and life skills through board sports.” – Chill Foundation mission statement
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Chill Foundation Beulahland Bar Nights

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