2013 Burton US Open Snowboard Championships: February 27th – March 2nd Written by Mike.S on January 24th, 2013

The Burton US Open has grown to become a showcase for snowboarding’s best riders. Across the globe, the world pumps out talent that lives to get buck wild on a single plank to push the limits that force their sport to progress. They go bigger, harder, faster and stronger… just like the Daft Punk song. In Seven Springs, PA, these gilded gladiators of the snow will compete in qualifying rounds of both Halfpipe and Slopestyle events to earn a trip to Vail, CO, for the US Open Snowboarding Championships. The gloves are off. Let the best man win. To the victor go the spoils.

Check out 2012 Slopestyle Champion, Sebastian Toutant and the brilliant run that solidified his path to the top of the Slopestyle podium.

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