Thursday Threads: Easy Like Sunday Morning Written by Ashley Griswold on January 29th, 2015

We are all about bottomless mimosas paired with an overpriced first meal on Sunday. Brunch is two feasts in one so it’s totally cool to drop twenty-five bucks, right? Inspired by the ease of Sunday mornings we’ve created a brunch-worthy look that has plenty of wiggle room for the after-pooch effect from inhaling biscuits and gravy. We love the idea of an easy-to-wear ensemble that feels like PJ’s without hungover regret of running into an ex in your Sunday cozies.

We are obsessing over pairing equal parts tomboy to femme for a look that’s effortlessly chic while still maintaining practicality and comfort. A great outfit starts at the ground and works its way up. With that philosophy in mind, we had to begin with a new shoe line teaming up with USO, Minnetonka Moccasins. I know, right? We are stoked too! The Minnetonka Calf Hi 3 Layer Fringe Boots were the perfect combination of radical meets girly to start this ‘fit. Let’s not forget the added perk that they feel like slippers which is ideal for getting your brunch on. Working our way up, we selected distressed skinnies by way of the Volcom Super Stoned Skinny Jeans which also seemed appropriate for a mellow end to the week.


For the top half, and a touch of tomboy we selected a classic white muscle tee. Bonus perks if you pair this boy’s club borrowed look with a sexy bandeau like the RVCA Jangling Bralette. For our other part femme, and in the spirit of pajama-like clothing, we couldn’t help but select the ultra-soft and exceptionally Sunday-worthy Volcom Breeze Sweater.


You definitely slept in, and you’re way too hungry to shower let alone wash your hair so it looks like it’s a headband day! We love the braided, bohemian vibe offered in the Krotchet Kids Alice Headband it plays nicely with the Minnetonkas without being too hippie dippy. Indigo was our go-to color for accessorizing with the headband and tote as it provided ideal contrast against the rusty-gold tones featured in this look.

We know that getting outside can be half the struggle on Sunday morning but Belgian waffles and bacon are awaiting. Pull yourself together, grab your biggest shades to hide last night’s eyeliner and get some sustenance girlfriend because those Bloody Marys won’t drink themselves.

ToteVolcom Thrifty Fun Tote

Classic white Muscle TeeVolcom Cowl Me Tank

Biggest ShadesDa Blanc Minor Panic leopard torte rose lens

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