The Arcteryx Theta AR Jacket: A Product Video Adventure Written by Mike.S on July 30th, 2012

The Adventures of Captain Ahab: Episode 2

Captain Ahab is not one who takes being ambushed lightly. Shipwrecked and sucker-punched, Ahab experiences the metaphorical benefits of the Arcteryx Theta AR Jacket through the teachings of his new friend. He begins to understand that not only does he live to endure harsh conditions but, with the right Arcteryx Outerwear, he also seeks them out. To be comfortable is not enough; Ahab must be comfortable in climates that most civilized human beings deem unsuitable for play. So when the weather gets the best of Ahab, he aims to even the score by belittling the climate’s most devastating attack.

By land and sea, being dressed in the Theta AR’s waterproof Gore-Tex Pro Shell (or “Dragon Shell”) gives Ahab the opportunity to adapt to and endure the brutal attack of the Bad Weather Ninja. Its well thought out design that features WaterTight Zippers, Pit Zips, One-hand adjustablility and a longer cut which stifles his foe and renders the ninja powerless.

You see, we have all been sucker-punched by a bad weather ninja, it is a life lesson that teaches us to be better prepared, especially here in the Pacific Northwest where it is foolish to believe the meteorologist whose extended forecast calls for blue skies and no precipitation. But no matter where you are on the globe, unsuspecting rain, wind, and snow or the combination of all three can kill the mood and in some cases threaten your life. Real talk. Don’t be caught off guard. To be well prepared is to give yourself the upper hand in any situation.

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