The Arcteryx Beta SL Jacket: A Product Video Adventure Written by Mike.S on July 10th, 2012

The Adventures of Captain Ahab: Episode 1

To Captain Ahab, the Arcteryx Beta SL Jacket signifies the ongoing battle to defeat the powers that be that aim to keep him from exploring: torrential rains, gale force winds, giant waves and sea monsters are constant foes and, though the Beta SL Jacket can’t keep him from being capsized by rogue waves or being swallowed whole by a giant squid or the Kraken, it can and does keep the torrential rains and wind at bay.

It starts with the waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex Paclite fabric that is fully taped using Tiny Gore Seam tape. Features move on down the line with WaterTight Zippers and an anatomical design that fits Ahab like a glove. The (glove friendly) 3-way adjustable hood, one-hand adjustable waist hem and die-cut Velcro cuffs are the icing on the cake that batten down the hatches when weather turns against him. After years of exploring the far reaches of the world, he has learned that Mother Nature does not take his side.

Now, we all know that Ahab is a little bit crazy, we would be too if we spent a majority of our days lost at sea, drifting about the 50ft swells searching for monsters and staring down the mouths of a creatures that we’ve only read about in story books. But at least Ahab understands the need to be well prepared. If it weren’t for his Beta SL Jacket, which conveniently flew off his coat rack and into his hands, Ahab would be in deep trouble. His Arcteryx jacket is one of the few tangibles that he can embrace to make his chaotic life at sea a little easier.

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  1. Pete says:

    Very funny… love to see the Captain bobbing around at sea!

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