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Madrone Wall – The Revival Written by Climbing on September 24th, 2010

I’ve been climbing some years now, but not long enough to remember the days when the Madrone Wall was open to the public.   Locals who climbed at the site near Damascus before it was closed in 1997 will tell stories of exciting routes lining the reddish brown cliffs and bemoan the day it closed to climbing due to proposed quarrying at the site.  Well, after years of fighting, the Madrone Wall Preservation Committee ( and other groups have finally quashed plans of quarrying and the wall is set to re-open as a public park sometime in the next couple of years!

In the meantime, volunteers have gathered a couple times this summer to build trails and clear blackberries in preparation for the park opening, and were treated by Clackamas County to a rare afternoon of climbing at the site afterwards.  Check out a few of my pictures from the Sept. 12 trail build and climb…

Madrone Wall viewed from below

Molly ready to put her pulaski to work

In the top picture I am rocking my new shoes, the Technician Lace from ClimbX.  I save them for technical overhung routes to give me a little extra edge…  Cool tidbit, their unique “Dope Lining” is a low-stretch, anti-microbial hemp lining that’ll keep your shoes smelling like roses for longer!  Keep an eye out for the Technicians and several other styles from ClimbX on our shelves soon – it’s a new and rapidly growing company with years of industryexperience and we’re excited to be bringing them to you!

Take it easy and climb hard…


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