Best Women’s Snowboard Clothing for 2015

It has long been a complaint of lady shredders that the dudes get all the best threads. But slowly and steadily, women’s outerwear has been catching up. Now, the best women’s snowboard clothing is right in line with their more masculine counterparts. We have compiled some of the most epic slices of outerwear specifically for feminine thrashers that need the best gear for doing battle in the snow.

Women’s Snowboard Jackets

Airblaster Workpony Jacket
The Airblaster Workpony Jacket makes the cut thanks to the way it pristinely balances above average waterproofing, plenty of breathability, and some synthetic insulation so you stay fresh, warm, and dry behind fully taped seams all season long.



Burton Jet Set Jacket

Take flight in the Burton Jet Set Jacket. A tailored fit never fails to flatter and strategically zoned Thinsulate keeps the bulk down while dialing up the toastiness. If it’s really dumping out there, you can engage the powder skirt, or just remove it from the equation during those spring slush sessions.




Holden Geneva Jacket

Sometimes you just can’t beat the classics. With a look that never goes out of style and an equally impressive stash of features, the Holden Geneva Jacket puts performance on lockdown.



Nikita Boxwood Jacket

Who doesn’t dig a little retro action? The Nikita Boxwood Jacket is all about throwing it back with some rad color blocking style. However, the look is the only thing that’s old school, because the Boxwood employs an advanced slew of tech and features that straight up intimidates Mother Nature.


Roxy Ridgemont Jacket

All other coats bow to the Roxy Ridgemont Jacket. This sweet slice of threads brings it all together with top-notch style, killer performance, and unmatched durability to subdue the most severe winter squall. From the DRIFLIGHT15 membrane, all the way down to the finger warmer wrist gaiters, there is just no beating the Ridgemont from Roxy.

Airblaster BWP Brother's Work Pants
Women’s Snowboard Pants

Rugged and tough, but feminine and flattering, the Airblaster Brothers Work Pant is the best of both worlds. These slim fit leg huggers incorporate fully taped seams behind super durable stretch twill fabric to ward off the nastiest conditions in the harshest terrain.

Burton Lucky Pants
The Burton Lucky Pants were built specifically to thwart foul climates. Highly technical weatherproofing has been rolled into this incredibly comfortable pair that has the ability to dissect double black diamond lines, draw attention in the park, or melt some groomers with ferocious speeds.

Holden Standard Skinny Pants

They are dubbed the Holden Skinny Standard Pant, but there is nothing pedestrian about them. Armed with a fresh look and clean style, these bad boys are form fitting but do nothing to restrict your movement. In fact, they actually work with your body’s natural motions to invigorate your entire experience on the hill.

Nikita Eldborg Pants

Go knee deep in the fluffy stuff and keep a smile on your face with the Nikita Eldborg Pants. Aimed at being a fortress against the pow, a drawstring mans the top half while zippered bottom hem gussets take care of the rest down low. And don’t forget that fleece lining that cranks up the coziness!

Roxy Spring Break Pants

Let it all hang out with the Roxy Spring Break Pants. Despite their name, this collection of threads was engineered to crush it all season long. Loaded with all the waterproofing and breathability necessary to withstand a monsoon, the Spring Break shatters the dastardly plans of Old Man Winter by thriving in all kinds of conditions.

Whatever way you choose to mix, match, and concoct your ideal kit, remember that the best women’s snowboard outerwear works hard for you so you can focus on the good times the mountain promises.

Top 8 Snowboards for 2015

Can you feel it? This is it. We are on the verge of one of those special seasons where you experience true progression. How’s that going to happen? With one of the top eight snowboards for 2015. Ordered from most to least flexible, these eight snowboards are determined to up your game.

Slash Happy Place Snowboard
Slash Happy Place Snowboard

Soft, buttery, and full of fun, the Happy Place is an absolute freestyle freak. This poppy, pressy twin dumps a whole bag of tricks on any feature it encounters thanks to CamRock tech, a snappy core, and an incredibly durable base. Ascend to a higher level of awesomeness with the Slash Happy Place Snowboard.



Salomon the Villian Snowboard

Salomon Villain Snowboard
Gold Medalist Louif Paradis designed this board to dissect the freestyle scene just the way he likes. A slightly softer flex pairs with a blend of rocker and camber to hold the park hostage while reserving the right to conduct a hostile takeover of the entire mountain. The world has too many heroes. Be the bad guy with the Salomon Villain Snowboard.





Capita Space Metal Fantasy Snowboard Women's
Capita Women’s Space Metal Fantasy

Transcend time and space while destroying hit after hit harder than the dudes with this freestyle focused board that can dismantle a feature anywhere there is snow. This softer stick slays everything your imagine conjures thanks to Flat Kick Technology that lets you jib, press, and pop whatever your heart desires.  Ladies that love to make a park of the whole hill will dig the Capita Women’s Space Metal Fantasy Snowboard.





Burton Custom Flying V SnowboardBurton Custom Flying V Snowboard
Constructed to dominate every aspect of the mountain, this slab of excellence rips everything from the park to the pow. A crazy blend of rocker and camber puts all the wiggles in the board in the most optimized places for superior float, aggressive maneuvers, and a playful feel. With a legacy of thrashing it all, the medium flexing Burton Custom Flying V Snowboard is back again to top the podium.





Burton LIpstick Snowboard Women's


Burton Women’s Lipstick Snowboard
This perfectly balanced little rip stick is all about pushing progression.  A reduced swing weight makes it super easy to maneuver, a flat profile enhances stability, and rockered tips deliver a catch-free feel that makes each run more fun than the last. Ladies looking to step it up all over the hill will love to get done up with the Burton Women’s Lipstick Snowboard.





Lib Tech Banana Magic HP Snowboard

Lib Tech Banana Magic HP Snowboard
Packing all the horsepower necessary to obliterate any line, this magical fruit straight up slays. A pinch on the stiffer side of sticks, its aggressive design provides loads of pop and stability for attacking advanced features and technical lines. Crank your ride game into overdrive with the Lib Tech Banana Magic HP Snowboard.





DC Mega Snowboard

DC Mega Snowboard
How about some old school camber? That’s what the Mega employs to achieve a hard-charging all-mountain attitude. A stiffer flex teams up with Lock and Load technology to give this plank some truly impressive pop. Speed, power, and confidence are yours when you mount up with the DC Mega Snowboard.





Yes. The Greats SnowboardYes the Greats Snowboard
It’s mean. It’s firm. It’s asymmetrical? Yup, the unique shape of The Greats balances out a snowboard’s natural tendency to turn too much on the toe edge. Lightweight and reliable, there is no piece of the mountain that this hyperactive stick can’t decimate. Take your performance to a new world of radness with The Greats Snowboard from Yes.



So which one of the top eight snowboards for 2015 is the one for you? Take your pick and go have some fun.


The New GoPro HERO-4

The pace of the world beats faster and faster every day, due in large part to rapid advances made in technology. Pretty soon we will all be making the famed ‘Kessel Run’ in less than 12 Parsecs. Hyperspace, man. Hyper. Space. Does it come as a surprise? Not really. The “technological snowball” is rolling downhill, gaining momentum with no gradation in sight to slow it down.

From within the fervent chaos of creation have come a couple goodies that seem to have put their “lead foot” down on the accelerator. The “smart phone” being one, another being the GoPro Camera. I understand that putting those two back-to-back might seem like an “out of left field” comparison, but they do share a few applied similarities. Both have rapidly risen to the top of their respected mountains and both have become household names that have revolutionized the way we document our lives.

The Newest iteration of the GOPRO is the HERO 4. Its 4K resolution is complemented with a host of features that go well with the epic musical score of your life that you dream about when you’re suppose to be working. It’s natural. Shooting at 12mp – 30/1 fps with 4K superview (BLACK) and multiple capture settings such as: Photo, burst, time lapse, night lapse, looping, continuous photo, and night photo, there is little the new GoPro HERO 4 can’t capture. And it has wi-fi capability! Just take a look at the video below. Most of us won’t be diving into the heart of an active volcano, but if you do… Don’t forget your GoPro HERO 4! People are going to want to see that, otherwise they probably won’t believe you.


Top 9 Skis for 2015

This is a very tricky time of year and you’ve got two choices. You can either let the web cam shots posted by your local ski resort drive you crazy, or you can channel that energy into something productive and read up on the top 9 skis for 2015. Browse the best of the best skis and be ready when those lifts fire up at your favorite hill.

Line Sick Day 95 SkisLine kicks things off with a set for him and a pair for her that do nothing but destroy. The Line Sick Day 95 Skis and the Line Soulmate 90 Celebrity Skis both strike that magical balance of powder playfulness and downhill righteousness. It isn’t often that a duo of planks comes around that you can mount up and duck the lines to slash the fresh in the backcountry or launch up and out of the halfpipe. Both the Sick Day and the Soulmate are that once in a lifetime opportunity. Get some.

The Volkl Mantra skis beg you to forget everything you thought you knew about all-mountain models and point them at any piece of the mountain for a truly unique performance.  A masterful blend of girth, precision and power allow you to smear some snow wherever you go.

Blizzard Bonafide Skis

No top ski list is complete without at least a couple mentions of Blizzard goodness. The Blizzard Bonafide Skis once again rule the mid-wide roost with their supernatural combo of speed, versatility, and grip. If the mountain isn’t offering that ideal powder situation, the Blizzard Cochise Skis are the ones you want. Never again must you fear chunked up, tracked, rutted out snow, because the Cochise was forged in the fires of adversity.

Most skis ride well in good snow, but the Atomic Theory skis  are the set you want for every condition. When others are heading for the lodge because of iciness, you’ll continue to crush, cut, and cultivate massively fun runs.



Rossignol Experience 88 SkisRossignol is basically the grandpappy of skis. Old and wise, this brand has the history and wherewithal to deliver all kinds of top 10 action. Dudes, here is not one, but two amazing options for you: the Rossignol Soul 7 Skis and the Rossignol Experience 88 Skis. Both sets are basically a magic lamp that expels a genie each time they touch snow, but you get unlimited wishes!



No matter what conditions or terrain lies in wait, you’ve got the magic carpet to ride it all with the Rossignol Soul 7 and Experience 88 Skis. Ah yes, and for the ladies, the Rossignol Savory 7 Skis are equally equipped to handle it all with an authority that will undoubtedly shame the boys who will be relegated to sucking your snow dust.

So, which of the top 10 skis for 2015 calls to you? Heed their voice, take them home, and dial in the perfect wax job so you are ready to ride once the snow is piled up.


Top Surf Booties for 2014

It’s about that time of year. You know, that magical time when all those great booties come out. No, not the kind in tiny shorts, the kind you slip your feet into before paddling out. It’s almost winter time so you’ve still got to stay warm. Start with picking a pair of one of the best surf booties for 2014.

Xcel Drylock Split Toe Surf Booties The Xcel Drylock 5mm Split Toe Booties are everything you could want in surf footwear. Liquid sealed seems deny entrance to water and an ankle seal won’t even let the wet stuff sneak in by coming down your leg. While the neoprene is thick and warm, it is quick to dry and the split toe feature keeps your foot from rolling in the boot for advanced stability. If toasty toes are your priority, you can’t go wrong with the Xcel Drylock.

Can’t get enough Xcel? Well here’s another taste. The Xcel Infiniti 5mm Split Toe Surf Xcel Infiniti 5mm Split Toe Surf BootiesBooties are some of the most burly chunks of footwear in the ocean. No matter how frigid the swells are, your feet are guaranteed to enjoy premium warmth thanks to ThermoCarbon materials made from recycled fabrics and bamboo charcoal infused fibers. If that sounds techy and environmentally friendly, that’s because it totally is.

O'Neil Skins Psycho Split-toe 4/3mm Surf BootiesOne peek at the O’Neill Skins Psycho Split-toe 4/3 Surf Booties and the high level of quality and craftsmanship is clear. But what else would you expect from O’Neill? The Psycho rocks an Ultraflex Firewall for the ultimate in comfort and warmth. A cuff strap prevents any flushing and even though this split toe model enhances control, it also features a toe guard to stop your leash from getting stuck in the split. Work the waves with authority in the O’Neill Skins Psycho Split-toe 4/3 Surf Booties.

While the Quiksilver Syncro 5mm Round Toe Surf Booties are obviously dedicated to Quiksilver Syncro 5mm Surf Bootieskeeping your feet warm, they are also super focused on delivering crazy advanced traction. The rubber soles feature all kinds of texture and gripping powers that give you the ability to really feel the control placed beneath your feet as you forge a legit connection with your board. Reinforced stress points make the Quicksilver Syncro Booties some of the toughest around, so if grip and durability are your style, this is the pair for you.

O'Neill Heat 5mm Surf BootiesLock in some serious performance with the O’Neill Heat 5mm RT Surf Booties. Velcro straps snuggle you comfortably while providing dynamite warming capabilities.  Loads of attention to detail is commonplace with all O’Neill boots, but it is the Heat’s commitment to functionality in icy conditions that really sets it apart. Glued and blind stitched to perfection, the O’Neill Heat Booties have no equal.

Legendary along every beach and in each lineup, the Quiksilver Cypher 5mm Split Toe Quiksilver Cypher 5mm Split Toe BootiesSurf Booties will transform you from a boogie boarding squid to a billabong ripping shark. Nylon webbing locks everything into place while plenty of Biofleece Neoprene does absolute work to crank up the warmth. Beadlock angle gripping features give you more control so you can really make that rip stick your own.  Mangle those chilly waves with a true passion thanks to the Quiksilver Cypher.

Roxy Syncro 5mm Round Toe Surf BootiesLadies, don’t think we would forget about your feminine feet. Specially designed just for chicks who chew up waves and spit out excellence, the Roxy Syncro 5mm Round Toe Surf Booties give you the advantage you need in cold water. Advanced gluing and blind stitching processes have taken these booties to the next level of functionality and performance. Make it happen harder than anyone else who paddles out with the Roxy Syncro Booties.

Summer is here and the booties are out. It’s easy to see that there are some highly desirable options. So grab your favorite pair of top surf booties for 2014 and give your feet the protection they need to stand up to cold conditions.

New Oakley Prism Lenses

Im sitting at my desk, staring down at a catalog that reads: “You will never see snow the same way again.” It’s an Oakley catalog with a specific focus on their new Prism Lenses. My intrigue begins to peak.

Within this catalog, highly confidential information on the new Prism Lens is revealed: Designed for snow with an emphasis on maximum contrast. Detailed schematics outline a solution to our lack of visual coherence when navigating alpine conditions. My intrigue summits when I reach the spectrum analysis of color for which the human eye is scientifically more sensitive. I.F.L. science. The Oakley Prism Lenses act as a tuner; much like a guitar tunes to a note, the new Prism Lenses tune light to the eye. My point being: If an instrument is out of tune, it will not play right. Same goes for our vision. The concept is simple, the solution is infinitely more scientific…