What Youth & Volcom Present: Panther Vision

Panther Vision

Panther Vision is a series of short films directed by Volcom legend, Jamie Heinrich. His passion for film offers a fresh look into a world where cultures intersect, bleed into and feed off of one another.

Panther Vision Episode 1

Once you tumble down a cosmic rabbit hole, odds are you’ll be there for a while. Most of your time will be spent hanging out, exploring the blurred lines of consciousness, a realm in which color is richer, life is faster, more fun and less mundane; where heart overpowers brain and brawn. But these rabbit holes are not for the faint of heart. You have to have your wits about you.

Panther Vision Episode 1 takes you down one of these rabbit holes, following a band of musicians –The Goons Of Doom– that surf the cosmic walls that weave in and out of real life and surreal life. This traveling band of surfing musicians could very well be the inspiration for another Point Break; a sequel I would like to see. Hopefully it will be directed by Jamie Heinrich, because this looks like a whole lot of fun. Their energetic, salty, rock and roll laced state of mind is infectious and borders on irresponsible… but that’s what makes it good.

Panther Vision Episode 2

Art has walked hand in hand with our industry, showcasing art from a great number of internationally recognized artists. In Panther Vision, Episode 2, the focus falls on Madsteez, an artist that uses his “disability” to his advantage.

Panther Vision Episode 3 Trailer

Stay tuned for Panther Vision Episode 3, featuring Dustin Dollin. It should be a sight to behold.

2014 K2 Ultra Split Splitboard

I could go on and on about the K2 Ultra Split Splitboard, but Jeremy Matherly of US Outdoor has such a great presence on screen that I wouldn’t dare tread on his lines. Just know that the Ultra Split from K2 is one of the best Splitboards on the market today. If you are serious about taking your adventures beyond the rope, then we suggest listening to what Jeremy has to say. He is a wise and well traveled soul that knows a thing or two about snowboarding… And just about everything for that matter.

Etnies High Rise LX Shoe

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we feel that function is, was and always will be a necessity. Lets face it, we aren’t exactly the driest climate on Earth, and though we do love our Authentics’ and our Lunarlon, sometimes we have to focus on the weather at hand: Rain. A whole lot of rain. It bothers a whole lot of people. So why endure 9 months of rain with soggy feet? Just thinking about that makes me mad. There is probably a direct correlation between happiness and having dry feet in the winter. That is why having waterproof shoes is so important. Wet socks are as appealing as the Flu, and probably a cause of it in some cases.

The Etnies High Rise LX Shoes are a perfect example of when form and function hug it out and make a baby. A functional shoe baby with fashion sense. Fantastic. The urban savvy aesthetic pairs well with rugged accents and classic Etnies branding. All of which disguise the incredible comfort and durability of STI Evolution Foam alongside waterproof features. In a nutshell, there is little to dispute. In design, form follows function, and a truly great product, like the High Rise LX, will execute both. When there is confusion, you end up with repeating patterns and crazy make’m’ups… Like Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber. They are one in the same. Everybody knows that.

Enough already. I’m just trying to illustrate a point. Check out the product video below and pick up a pair of Etnies High Rise LX Shoes here.

Mondaze: Poler Napsack Showdown

The Stage is set, Poler Nap Sacks donned fashionably and ready for action. If this were the old west, a tumble weed would saunter across a recently emptied marketplace as townsfolk nervously shut their windows and peer out through the tiny cracks in the shutters… Why? A case of the Mondaze has got all of us at US Outdoor unnerved and scratching at the walls… A showdown is eminent. Two men will square off (in their Nap Sacks… because they can) and duel to set things right, to break the monotony and bring balance to the Force; much like the Flux Capacitor, this is what makes the work week possible… I mean productive.